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What Do I Need For An Employee Handbook?

Make Your Employee Handbook An Indispensable Human Resources Tool

by Liz Strikwerda

A good employee handbook is essential for smooth business operations. Especially for successful employee relations. It should be the go-to authority for policies and expectations. But it can only help your company if it’s carefully planned, written, and updated. Once you have created a handbook, you can put it to work.

A strong employee handbook will:

· Express company policies

· Prevent compliance problems

· Establish expectations for employees

· Improve onboarding and training

· Help employees to be successful and engaged

· Help Human Resources be more effective

· Promote workforce unity

· Reinforce your corporate values

What Do I Need For An Employee Handbook?

Well, pretty much everything. It’s a user’s manual for employees, managers, and executives. Because it should be all-encompassing, few companies get it right the first time. Are you a new business owner starting from scratch? Expect to make several drafts. Take your time to get it right. Workforce management software can help. We address that below.

Most large companies cover the following:

· Company policies

· Compensation/benefits