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You're Retirement Needs Are Unique

Not All Retirement Plans Are The Same.  Let IPP Help You Manage A Successful Plan That Fits Your Company's Needs

Attract And Retain The Top Talent With A 401K Plan Built For Your Employees And Your Business 

How much of an impact will you see by transferring the 401(k) plan sponsor role?  Plenty!  By adopting an MEP, you will eliminate the plan audit and Form 5500 filings, simplify plan operations and achieve a profound reduction in fiduciary liabilities saving you time and reducing your risks.

Since daily 401(k) plan pricing is based on the size of assets; Multiple Employer Plans offer economies of scale that would never be offered to a small employer starting a plan on its own.  As a small employer, being part of an unbundled Multiple Employer Plan can be much less expensive than the typical insurance-based 401(k) platform.

  • Comprehensive plan features with over 100 qualified investment options

  • Reduced expense ratios and participant fees for employees

  • Reduced plan expenses and management fees for employers

  • Post-enrollment education and investment management services

  • Seamless payroll integration

  • Complete plan administration and maintenance

  • Employee enrollments, loan processing and recordkeeping

When comparing our MEP plan to a self-sponsored retirement plan in the open market, you'll realize a reduction in cost, and time.



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