Below are forms you may find helpful when hiring new employees and registering your new business.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance completing the documentation.

In addition to these resources, IPP's Online HR offers a vast library of forms, templates, and labor law information.  For more information or if you are interested in enrolling, contact your payroll specialist.

Employment Forms

New Business Registration Forms

Obtain a Federal ID #

Request For Taxpayer Identification Number

Michigan New Business Registration Form

If you have questions about registering your business or which forms you will need for your new hires, contact IPP at 313-457-1700.

2019 Limits

HSA Contribution Limits:  Maximum contribution for an individual is

Maximum contribution for a family is 

 FSA Contribution Limits:  Health Flexible Savings Plan:

Dependent Care Flexible Savings Plan: 

401K Contribution Limit:     

401K Catch-Up Limit:

Social Security Tax Wage Base:

$   3,500

$   7,000

$   2,700

$   5,000

$  19,000

$   6,000


FUTA Tax Wage Base:  First  $7,000 Each Employee Earns During The Year

SUTA Tax Wage Base:  First $9,000 Each Employee Earns During The Year

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