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Simplified People Management

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HR360 Online HR Library
Online HR

IPP's state-of-the-art human resources library is an 'online HR department', providing you with the most current, attorney-reviewed federal and state employment laws as well as a complete range of downloadable forms, interactive HR tools and lawyer-reviewed templates that will help you build your employee handbook, job descriptions and more.

The online HR department includes:

Interactive and step-by-step guides on performance reviews, interview questions and techniques, disciplinary and proper termination processes to keep you in compliance and should keep your unemployment rates down. 

Keep your wages and salaries competitive with the salary benchmarking tool and add more consistency to your hiring process.

The online HR department arms you with the guidance you need to better manage your employees, understand and implement the best HR practices and comply with the law.

With just under 100 HR Training Videos, the video training section will provide you with bottom-line guidance in just a few brief minutes — perfect for the busy manager who needs to learn more about key topics such as hiring, termination and performance reviews. 

HR News Alerts and Health Care Reform Updates

Stay on top of the latest HR and ACA developments!  When news breaks, rules change or deadlines approach, our attorneys keep you up to speed with timely alerts on dedicated newsfeeds embedded in the HR Compliance Library homepage. These feeds are refreshed every week and can be customized to your specific state or states, so you’ll never miss an important notification.

For a quick video tour of what HR360 can provide you, watch the tour here:

Online HR Library

Affordable and easy to use!

"Since we started using HR360, the hassles of managing my staff and compliance has been removed.  I can spend my time running the business now."


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