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Reduce your operational costs and increase your overall efficiency with our total solutions.  No matter the size of your business, IPP provides you with all of the services needed to effectively pay your team and manage your company.


IPP can customize a payroll package for your specific needs and requirements to maximize efficiencies, save time and help you better manage your labor costs to keep them minimized. 
  • Process Online or by Fax or Email

  • Tax Filing - Federal / State / Local Taxes

  • Paperless - Direct Deposit / Online Stubs,

W-2's & 1099's / Email Delivery /

Print Your Own Checks /

VISA Debit Cards


Automate your payroll process and eliminate time card calculations.  Our time systems pay for themselves by eliminating buddy-punching and time theft and automatically enforcing your company's policies.  
  • Multiple Clock Options To Punch By Fingerprint, ID Card, WebClock or Mobile

  • GPS Locations Tracked For Remote Punches

  • Scheduling Module Allows Employees To View Schedules....


Build a better team and retain the top talent that will help your business grow and increase revenues.  IPP can help you hire the best employees with our recruiting, applicant tracking, interviewing and onboarding features.
Our Human Capital Management and Employee Engagement functionality will add value to your employees and help your company stand out from your competition.
Our online HR Library provides you with every resource needed and used by corporate HR Departments and will keep you in compliance with labor laws.


Offering a 401K plan to employees is a great benefit but most small businesses have found that they are too expensive for their budgets.  IPP offers a 401K Multiple Employer Plan with five-star investment funds and will let you offer a retirement plan to your employees and retain great employees.


  • Background Checks
  • Labor Posters
  • Workers Compensation Pay-As-You-Go
  • Unemployment Management
  • G/L Automation & Customized Reporting
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