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IPP’s HR Library: Stay Compliant

IPP’s online HR library helps companies of all sizes stay compliant.

In many ways, this HR library acts as an ‘online HR department,’ providing your company with step-by-step guidance on major HR tasks including performance reviews, interviewing, hiring, discipline and termination, combined with over 500 downloadable forms, posters and an attorney-reviewed sample employee handbook.

The online HR library also keeps you updated on the latest changes to Health Care Reform and how it will impact your business, as well as provides simple, easy-to-understand, step-by-step guidance on how to implement COBRA and FMLA.

Highlights you will want to view include:

Step-by-step guide to COBRA

Forms section featuring over 500 downloadable model forms

Customizable sample employee handbook

Latest information on Health Care Reform

Tools section featuring an interactive Job Description Builder and Salary Benchmarking Tool

Your state’s employment laws and downloadable required posters

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