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Unified payroll, timekeeping, scheduling, HR and engagement portal for efficient labor management in small to mid-sized businesses

  • Paperless Payroll

  • Tax Filing

  • Time & Labor

  • Scheduling

  • Human Resources

  • Onboarding

  • Workers Compensation

  • Labor Poster Compliance

Bundle And Save

Reduce Labor Costs / Improved Profitability
Hours Saved Each Week
Increased Productivity
Less Turnover
HR & Labor Compliance
Analytical Reporting & Tracking
and more...
The Power of Unity

WorkForceHUB is a one-stop source for payroll and HR-related information.  Employees get the information they need through a single portal, saving time and reducing errors or miscommunication.

The portal includes access to core payroll records, core HR workflows, employee engagement tools, employee scheduling, online HR resources, labor poster replacement and our Worker's Compensation Pay-As-You-Go services.

WorkForceHUB Features

Timekeeping - Punch tracking, job costing, break enforcement, time-off requests, time card approvals and accruals.  
Scheduling - Build schedules based on department or shift needs, skills required, labor law constraints, employee preferences and more.  Manage multiple shifts with ease.
Onboarding - Simplify the new hire experience and establish a great first impression for your new hires.  Step new hires through activation, I-9 and W-4 completion, benefits, handbook review and more.  Ensure accurate and timely completion of all new hire paperwork and store it digitally.
Engagement - Create engaged employees and improve company culture through automated check-ins, a peer recognition system and an anonymous suggestion box.
Worker's Compensation Pay-As-You-Go - A requirement for most businesses, traditional worker's comp policies require large down payments and are based on estimates. A PAYGO policy is based on actual figures so it's easier to budget and there are no audits.
Performance Reviews - Add structure and consistency to the review process.  Create your own questions and track responses.  Attach employee and manager review documents, set and track goals with your employees and drive the process to completion.
Communications - Keep your team notified and informed by text or email.
Document Access & Management - Provide employees an easy and secure access to pay stubs, W-2's, 1099's, approved personnel and company files.  Empower them to update their W-4, direct deposit and personal information online.
Online HR - The state-of-the-art HR Library gives you access to the most current, attorney reviewed federal and state employment laws and a complete range of downloadable forms, interactive HR tools and lawyer-reviewed templates to build your employee handbook, job descriptions, interview questions and more.
Labor Poster Replacement - Remain compliant and avoid fines for outdated posters.

This WorkForceHUB combination adds consistency and organization to your business while saving you the time from doing all of these administrative functions and taking time away from your business.  WorkForceHUB will also reduce your labor costs and save your business money while also helping you hire the best talent and build the team that will build your company and make it more profitable.

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