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Script and App Testing Page
This page is hidden and does not appear in search queries.  It's used to test out different apps and/or scripts to see how elements work or how they look before putting them on the live site.


Employee Logins

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Punch In/Out - WebClock

Paystub/W4 Access

TWP Emp Login.png

TimeWorks Plus

Emple-Emplr HUB Login.png

The Employee HUB

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WorkForce HUB

Employer Logins

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PPX Login.png

PlatinumPay Xpress

PHR Login.png


PHR Login.png


Time & Labor

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Time Card Edit


Work Schedules


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  • New Hire Onboarding

  • Communications Portal

  • Document Management

  • Time-Off Approval

  • Employee Engagement

  • Workflow Management

Header Text 03

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Chocolate Fruitcake

Dessert #1


Cheese Fruitcake

Dessert #2



Dessert #3


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Caprese Salad

Appetizer #1



Appetizer #2


Parmesan Cheese

Appetizer #3


Direct Deposit.png

While some employees prefer a live paycheck, Covid-19 has presented
problems getting them paid on-time. 

Direct Deposit saves your staff time and reduces their risk of being exposed by waiting in line to cash/deposit their check.

Covid-19 & Social Distancing

Pay Your Remote Employees Conveniently On-Time By Direct Deposit

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